Aluminum Fabrication Works

Aluminum Frames

bbin体育BHL Interior Design is committed to offer comprehensive aluminum fabrication works in Dubai. The third most abundant element on the Earth surface has been used in escalating skyscrapers and also molding interiors.With immense knowledge and several years of experience, the BHL Interior Design Company delivers sophisticated aluminum fabrication works.With interior design, you can transform tiny space into cosy place. It’s not just about looks. It is, but the interior design allows your walls and things to communicate with you. It empowers your employees to values and principle of your company.What anyone expects when he/she comes home or office is peace and the positive force to drive. Without interior design, even the largest space will end up with the lack of space.

BHL Aluminum Fabrication Works

bbin体育Modern laser cutting equipment and the competent team allow building sophisticated fabricated products.

bbin体育Initially, we lacerate raw aluminum frames up to 3/16” thickness. Depending on client’s demand different products with different shapes are produced. Discussion with our client and eloquent imagination helps us to accomplish the project with vital perspective.

Our expertise team possesses the ability to understand and feel the emotions of our client. The appealing fabrication work will project your value, culture, and principle.

Prominent and loyal clients of the BHL Interior Design Company are a sign of our unmatched product. Diverse and prominent portfolio helps to excel in providing a concise and clear quote.

Advantages of Aluminum Frames

Lightweight, durability and easy work qualities of aluminum make it 2nd most used element in construction after steel.

It is the 3rd element on the Earth crust that is available abundantly.

bbin体育Modern skyscrapers and buildings are escalated with the support of aluminum. Alluring glass doors and windows are held by sturdy aluminum frames.

bbin体育Empire State Building in 1930-1932, for the first time, used this metal element in extensively. It replaced conventional steel frames to hold transparent windows.

  • As soon as it is exposed to air, a protective layer of oxide, which increases its durability.
  • Aluminum cope with the modern fast track construction techniques.
  • It can be recycled to reduce energy consumption.
  • Fire resistance, high reflectivity, strong at high temperature and easily molded.

Aluminum Products

Aluminum is the metal which can transform your dream into reality. It is flexible, strong and easy to work characteristics make it stand out from other metallic elements.

bbin体育It is ideal for interior and decoration applications. Easy to clean and reusable feature enticed constructing and interior design companies.

bbin体育Wide range of products that BHL Interior Design Company delivers include aluminum cladding, aluminum handrails and glass balustrade, windows, doors, curtain wall facades, canopies, automatic doors and entrance systems, fire resistant windows, internal partition, aluminum fences, aluminum louvers, cast railings and gates, pergolas, aluminum perforated sheets, aluminum expanded mesh, skylights and aluminum mashrabiya.

Discuss with us

Our interior designers will communicate and draws your imagination to CAD or sketches. You will feel that the new interior design projects your imaginary ideas and valued principles. Inquire with us now.