Aluminum Work in Dubai

Aluminum Work

BHL Interior Design offers services like Aluminum Doors, Aluminum Frames, Aluminum Windows and Aluminum Fabrication work in Dubai. BHL Interior Design is a progressive and forward thinking company that offers aluminum work in Dubai. With years of experience and ability to combine creativity and functionality. Interior design is about crafting the available space in such a way that it count on the needs and overture your company’s work culture. After steel, aluminum is the second specified metal extensively used in modern buildings.Its flexibility, corrosion-resistant, flexibility and durability enticed interior design world to ponder about its use.Lightweight and sturdy aluminum frames support the desire to erect modern skyscrapers. Alluring glass doors, windows, and stylish shop fronts are literally supported by durable aluminum frames.

Aluminum Fabrication

Ideas and Benefits of Residential and Commercial Purpose

bbin体育There is no limitation of creativity when you are thinking about designing aluminium shop fronts, or doors, or windows. In this modern time, everything is possible. There are many features that can be installed for both residential and commercial purpose.

Aluminum Shop Fronts: Inspiration and Styles

bbin体育Mostly, people just think about fashionable gray or dark powder coated aluminum shop fronts when you want to design an aluminum shop front for your office or store. There are innumerable types of shop front possibilities. Some glass windows are tinted to stop sun glares to come through it and some people color the windows like stained glass to create a dynamic appearance.

Aluminum Glass Doors

There are varieties of doors styles and designs which give a perfect look to your home or store. It also improves the comfort and energy efficiency of your respective property. Here are some door styles –

  • Sliding Patio Doors

  • Sliding patio doors are manufactured for smooth movement and beautiful design. Standard sliding doors are opened by sliding horizontal tracks at the top and sill and also available for right-hand and left-hand movement.

  • French-Style Sliding

  • bbin体育It looks beautiful from inside and outside of your home. Available in a multiple-pane look this door saves spaces and looks elegant.

  • Swing French Style

  • bbin体育This door creates an aesthetical appeal which looks elegant from both inside and outside. Also, available in in-swing and out-swing style.

  • Bi-Fold Glass Wall

  • Bi-fold glass walls are created with a water block sill which protects from water penetration. The 1.5inch interior support helps to prevent water from getting inside and back sill helps to protect from exterior elements.

  • Stacking Glass Wall

  • bbin体育It creates vibrant scenery from outside of your home; stacking glass wall opens up by sliding the glass panels on top of both. It helps the natural light and fresh air to come inside the house a large amount.

Window styles

    There are various styles of windows which keep a beautiful impact, with energy efficiency. Some of them are –

  • Awning

  • These windows are hinged on top and open outside. Awning windows provide ventilation without leaves and rains coming inside. They are more protected because of the skin which is inside.

  • Horizontal Slider

  • Horizontal slider windows are designed with contemporary style. It opens with a sash sliding right or left. It’s also faster and easier to open and most commonly used windows.

  • Double Hung

  • One of the most popular, these windows can be opened by the top or bottom sash by sliding up or downward. Double hand windows are a wonderful choice for home facing walkways.

  • Casement

  • bbin体育These types of windows are hinged at the side and opens like a door. It has no rail unlike sliding or double hung windows.

Benefits of Aluminum Frames

There are countless advantages of using aluminum frames comparing with vinyl, wood, or fiberglass frames. Here are some benefits –

  • Thin Profile

  • bbin体育Aluminum is light weighted but strong, doors and windows can be configured with a wide range of combinations.

  • Durable

  • bbin体育Aluminum frame protects the glass from breaking in harsh weather conditions.

  • Low Maintenance

  • It needs less maintenance than other frames as it is easy to clean and operate.

  • Energy Efficient

  • Thermally improved aluminum doors and windows are installed with thermal breaks to separate both interior and the exterior surface.

Aluminum Company in Dubai

bbin体育One of the most popular companies, BHL Interior Design in Dubai offers a wide range of interior designs and styles. The company gained trust and renowned with their excellent services and perfection.

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