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Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine For Pipe And Tube

1 Heavy duty machine weight 12 tons.
2 National Patent Design Fast Loading System.
3 Fully Automatic and Semi Automatic Loading.
4 Short Tailing Tube Length.
5 Germany PA8000 CNC Cutting System.
6 AlmaCAM & Lantek nesting software.

Product Details

ACME LT-6020 Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine For Pipe And Tube is a heavy duty professional tube metal cutting machine, designed for high precision cutting different tube shapes with fast speed.  With China National Patent Design Automatic and Semi-automatic loading & feeding system, the efficiency of the machine has been increased by at least 40% compare with traditional loading system.

Machine ModelLT-6020 
Fiber Laser Power500W-6000W
Cutting Tube Wall Thickness0.5mm-25mm 
Cutting Tube Length3000mm/6000mm/8000mm/10000mm etc.
Cutting Tube Shapes

Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Waist Round, Triangle, 

Trapezoid, D-shape, Angle steel, Channel steel etc.

Application MaterialCarbon steel, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium alloy, Copper, Galvanized steel etc.

Video for LT-6020

Machine Advantages

1.Heavy duty strong machine structure/body。

   10 tons weight, chose type design。

①Use 16-20mm whole steel plate overall welded, heating, annealing, hardening treatment, sand blasting, painting, roughing, precision finishing, milling etc. A series finish machining. Machine body weight 10 ton.

the bed will be put in furnace to heat to 650 degree and keep temperature to 200 degree for a week and then be taken out for cooling naturally。 The process takes about 15-20 days。

All machine screw holes and mounting groove to install guide rails & racks are milling out by big COLGAR milling center.

Closed type structure makes the machine body more stronger and stable.

Machine body is higher accuracy, stable without any deformation。

machine body tube laser cutting machine

2。PATENT DESIGN-Machine back loading system。

Loading when the machine still working.

Automatic and Semi-automatic loading system as option.

① Based on our Closed type structure machine body, we development a fast loading system, this design has get China National Patent Certificate.

We make a series of steel wheel on the top our machine body, and a loading hole under the rear chuck. When one tube is in cutting, you can push another tube on the machine waiting for floating and cut.

This system can make single tube loading in 15s. At least 30% time faster than traditional machine side loading system.Greatly improve the utilization rate of equipment.

loading system tube laser cutting machine

3。 Big pneumatic adjustable tube floating support wheel

  Can suitable all kinds of tube shapes and size.

①We use 5 pneumatic floating wheel to support tube in the machine. The floating wheel is big and can adjustable it’s holding size.

At the side of the floating wheel, it has an adjusting rotary button, you can change its size depend on different tube shapes and size.

floating support wheel tube laser cutting machine

4. Double pneumatic chuck auto-centering。

Four claw double move.

Material through hardening treatment, harden enough。

No deformation and clamping tightly after a long time use.

We have our own high precision finishing machining center to process chucks.

Use strong double auto-centering pneumatic chuck. The four claw on each chuck double move, faster and make clamping tightly. The steel material through hardening treatment, harden enough, can guarantee no deformation and gap after long time use.

The four claw on rear chuck is special designed, effectively avoided tube slipping. Can make tube Tail length short to 200mm, Min. can be 180mm. Reduce pipe waste and increase utilization rate.

pneumatic chuck tube laser cutting machine

5。 Original Germany PA8000 CNC control system.

AlmaCAM/Lantek nesting software.

English speaking engineers can do oversea training for your staff, after-sales technical support during the machine life.

CNC cutting system tube laser cutting machine

Application Area

Fitness Equipment, Automobile Manufactureing, Noise Silencer, Steel Furniture, Aerospace, Escalator, Steel Stairs, Machinery Manufacturing, Steel Structure, Medical Equipment and so on.

laser pipe cutlaser tube cuttube laser machine


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