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BHL Interior Design Dubai best Glass Company in Dubai. The company offers different types of Glass, Glasses, interior design and fit out ideas with good guidance. The place you live stay and work must be peaceful. With pleasant experience, the design must replicate your emotions and culture. BHL Interior is a Glass Company in Dubai, we value your emotions and principles.Our classic and modernized design work inspired many of our loyal clients. Communication leads to a perfect design. We believe it’s not an idea, but the ability of design to send the message makes it stand out. For this, we hold meetings with our client to understand his/her vision.BHL interior design glass company work in Dubai provides a wide range of different design, shape and sizes based on client’s vivid desire. Not just aesthetic, our glass door, glass window and glass partition are sound resistance, scratch resistance and protect you from UV rays.

bbin体育BHL Interior Design and Glass Company deliver diligent and efficient service.

Ultimate Advantages of installing Glass Shop Front

A depleted and meagerly maintained shop front is unattractive for customers. In this case, many shops and malls are looking to enhance the appearance by altering the front side of it. If you are planning for a creative shop front, you can find a wide range of ideas and design options with different features on the market.

Frameless glass shop fronts are manufactured with strong and hard glasses without any aluminum frame. There are a lot of advantages of choosing this style for your business.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Frameless glass shop fronts create a modern and contemporary look to your office or shop. It also suits well for window displays. Not only retail stores, it can be installed for companies, estate agents, and food outlets which will give you some benefits of showcasing additional displays.

When potential customers can able to see the inside of your business from standing outside it also become appealing; which will attract them to enter the premises. More traffic in your business increases the potential product sales and growth of the company.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

bbin体育The glass is a weather-resilient product which can be cleaned easily and needs little maintenance. These attributes are very useful for every other business in the world. People who own or manage a business significantly get less time to maintain because of the busy schedule. Choosing a glass front usually, save a lot of money and time on maintenance and cleaning.

Varieties of structures

Glass fronts can be integrated with different types and structures for specific requirements. Automatic sliding doors and glass doors can be used effectively to enhance the flow of traffic. Also, this creates the finest look to the exterior of your company alongside.


The strong and tough glass provides splendid safety factors. The fittings and different locking devices improve the security of your respective business. Also, it also prevents the criminals who are aware of being identified or spotted because of the visibility of your inside shop premises. If you are concerned with security or having a doubt it may be the perfect solution for you.

Advertising Tool

The style of frameless glass front is an incredible advertising tool. Buyers can look at the merchandise you’re selling even if your shop is closed. This greatly improves the desire to buy something and encourage buyers to buy their favorite things as soon as the shop is open.

Repairing Service

bbin体育Cracked or broken glass can lead to a major damage, so it is necessary to repair it fast which can save you a lot of money. There are plenty of companies who offer exceptional repair services. Some of the services are –

  • Laminated Safety Glass

  • Laminating safety glass works as a protective layer which prevents any breakage and increases durability of shop front glass.

  • Lock Replacement

  • bbin体育A lock replacement service can maintain the optimal security of your business. Many renowned companies maintain this service to prevent any damages.

  • Hinge Replacement

  • Hinge replacement services can protect your shop front glass just like windows or doors. Frequent maintenance can protect you from the external environment.


bbin体育BHL Interior Design and Fit-out Company is one of the most renowned companies in Dubai. The company offers different types of interior design and fit-out ideas with good guidance. To know more details of glass shop front, mail at